Benchmarking benefits

VisitorVerdict benchmarking helps you prioritise your investments: time and money.

Benchmarking through VisitorVerdict enables you to compare results against similar attractions and identify the visit aspects which most influence the overall visitor experience, thereby providing hard evidence to support your investment decisions.

The Seven Advantages of VisitorVerdict

Low burden on staff and volunteers
No need for the organisation of face-to-face interviewers or survey questionnaires and materials.

Minimal intrusion on visitors' experience
Almost no intrusion on visitor time on site and complete flexibility in where visitors can be contacted.

Start seeing results quickly
Only 25 survey responses required to trigger ability to view your results in the online portal.

Real time reporting
Results, charts and benchmarks updated online instantaneously, each time a survey is completed - no need to wait for periodic results.

Broad ranging benchmarks
At national and regional level plus by attraction type, size and charging structure.

Comprehensive questionnaire
Covers who your visitors are, why they are there, what they do in your attraction and what they think of their experience.

Opportunity to network and and win awards
Planning for national and regional events to share good practice and for annual awards for best in class.