VisitorVerdict operates through a user-friendly online data collection and reporting system designed to take the burden of conducting surveys away from attractions.

Outline of process

Attractions collect visitor e-mail addresses

Attractions upload these email addresses to online system periodically

Survey invites automatically sent out by email

Result charts automatically updated in real time and presented via website against benchmarks

Additional Consultancy - To find out more about our additional services for data collection and data analysis click here.

An easy to navigate online reportal unlocks fully charted visitor insight for participating attractions

  • Log in using your unique log-in details
  • View bespoke reports for your attraction and nominated sector benchmarks
  • Filter findings by the full range of profiling data, date of visit, place of origin, age, gender, children in party, visit motivation, first time/ repeat visitors etc.
  • Extract the insight you need for the purpose you require and build a stronger organisation

Please view reporting tutorial below to discover the type of results you can access