Additional Consultancy

To ensure you get the most out of your VisitorVerdict subscription, we offer the following additional consultancy services.

Data Collection

The more robust a sample size, the better the insight gathered. However we recognise each VisitorVerdict participating attraction has its own unique challenges and limitations when it comes to data collection.

Through the following, we can help participants understand how best to approach their visitors to maximise data collection opportunities:

Half-day on site orientation workshop

£450 includes:

  • Engagement presentation to all staff
  • Recruitment script and fieldwork training tailored to logistics and operations of site
  • Uploading data demonstration
  • Portal training

On-site Recruitment

Whether as a one-off to get you started or to help with special events we can provide trained professional recruiters to help you gather more respondents.

Interviewer table

Additional bespoke closed-end question

While VisitorVerdict covers a comprehensive range of topics, participating attractions may wish to gain further insight into particular topics. In such cases VisitorVerdict participants have the opportunity to add in bespoke closed-end questions to the survey, of which only they will see the results.

  • Costs from £750 depend on complexity and level of development costs should you require reporting to be portal analysis compliant

Data Analysis

VisitorVerdict is designed to enable attractions to analyse their own data in their own way. However we can support both the interpretation of the data and extraction of insights through the production of bespoke reports prepared by our specialist executive team

Full annual report and face-to-face presentation / findings workshop

£3600 includes:

  • Key insights summary and market context
  • Charted findings and commentary by standard subgroups
  • Comparator benchmarks
  • Evidence –based  recommendations  for attraction development
  • On site presentation/workshop with stakeholders (exc. Travel costs).

Annual report only: £2650

Quarterly tracking report

£2400 includes:

  • 4 x Bespoke PowerPoint reports providing a brief and succinct overview of findings and trends.
  • Focus on up to 15 questions from VisitorVerdict survey, with particular emphasis on results from most recent quarter,
  • Trended data and benchmarking analysis included where relevant.

Adhoc webinar option: 

£POA depending on nature of brief

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